About us

GREEN DEFENCE's main components are natural materials from cinnamon and almond.
Their natural antibacterial features are used to prevent bacterial There are no heavy metal compounds present and no disinfectant was added .
GREEN DEFENCE is natural, non-toxic , non-leaching and not irritating to the skin.
We are surrounded by harmful bacteria in our daily life, so it is fundamental to use antibacterial supplies in the pursuit of healthy and sanitized life quality.



A group of chemical and biotech doctors discovered that the concentration of bacteria over the clothing and covering of the wound was too high, and therefore they want to produce a textile which is antibacterial and does not harm the human body and the environment.

2012 ~ 2014

From thousands of food materials, cinnamon and almond have been discovered to be effective antibacterial materials. From both the Chinese and foreign history, they have always been used as antibacterial agents in America, Asia and Europe. Their usage has had more than a thousand years of history.


In order to allow the antibacterial components to be fairly distributed among the polyester or the nylon chips. After several experiments, the prototype has started to emerge, so the natural antibacterial agents of the plastic have been born.

2014 ~ 2015

Pharmaceutical manufacturing -> Masterbatch -> Spinning -> Weaving;
the ideal effects were believed to be achieved ,so it was officially launched in front of the public in 2015 with the hope of a healthier future for people by the of nature, environmentally friendly and antibacterial features.

Green Defence authorized Lilytex sales and manufacture its products.
Lily Textile is a vertically integrated textile manufacturer that specializes in yarn spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing .We mainly produce knitted fabrics and the production capacity is up to approximately 1.5 million kilos per month.