Medical usage

It has an outstanding sterilization effect over Gram-positive bacteria and can also be used for the healing of various diseases caused by bacterial infection. It is discovered that it also has a strong fungicidal activity, especially for the skin fungal cell wall, allowing the medicine to penetrate into the fungal cell , and then it destroys the organelles, achieving the fungicidal effect.

Application in the food industry

Added to chewing gum and toothpaste, it can achieve the effects of disinfection and deodorization. As a food additive, it is mainly used for sterilization, disinfection and antisepsis functions.

As the chemical structure of mandelic acid in almonds is similar to antibiotics, it can actually inhibit the propagation of different bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, streptococci, anaerobic bacteria. Different antibacterial agents can be added into polymeric plastic by using technological techniques, so the products would have the antibacterial effects. It would certainly be a guarantee for human beings' life as to prevent any bacterial risks that would harm human health. It can also be applied in future R&D of antibacterial plastic.


By our new technology, it makes fiber absorb water, convey water and spread faster, the capability of absorbing water is 3 times more faster than cotton, so the fabric could absorbing moisture and sweat on the skin surface, and evaporate through outer layer.
It is been certified by INTERTEK (AATCC 197-2011, Option B) that is performs super strong absorption.


Under the polymerization process at a temperature of more than 480o F, cinnamon and almond extract are blended into polyester or nylon. Therefore, the particles will not leach out during washing and at use.
GREEN DEFENCE is all natural, non-leaching and can provide consumers overall protection



Personal clothing, underwear, socks, tights, rhythm clothing, yoga clothes, medical clothing, sportswear, swimwear, shoes, masks, facial mask, wet wipes, filling materials, towels, hygiene items, blankets, bedding, home textile.


Phone shell, kitchen supplies, toiletries, toys, filler and insole.